Other Factors to Consider While Choosing an E-commerce Platform Other Than Price

//Other Factors to Consider While Choosing an E-commerce Platform Other Than Price

Other Factors to Consider While Choosing an E-commerce Platform Other Than Price

Did you know e-commerce sales are expected to hit $4.3 trillion by 2021? Well, these are predictions by Statista, a leading online research company. Probably, the sales might be more than this considering the rising awareness and acceptance of virtual platforms as the shopping points. Businesses are positioning themselves to ensure they benefit from this through launching e-businesses and online stores.

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Your E-Commerce Website

Regardless of the business size, the success of an online venture relies on the e-commerce platform it is built on. Hence, making a mistake on platform selection can cripple your business forever or even kill it. One thing people consider in choosing a platform to house their online store is the price. Affordability always matters. However, this is not the only factor to consider. For your e-commerce business to succeed, here are three other factors to look for beyond price in platform selection:

Security features

Even with all benefits coming along with technological advancements, it is enhancing threats to businesses. Unlike before people can efficiently transact online. You can buy or sell anything without necessarily meeting face to face. However, cybercrime is now a threat to many online businesses. Customers are skeptical when purchasing from an online store to ensure they do not fall preys for the cybercriminals. As a webpreneur, you need to put into account this aspect when considering an e-commerce platform. Ensure that the platform you choose has adequate security features to protect your customer’s data.


Unless you are in a trial and error affair, your business is set to grow. You are not establishing a business that will fall in the next few days or months. In this essence, you need a platform that will power your business growth. Your e-commerce platform has a space for your business expansion. It should enable you to accommodate the increase in traffic without slowing down your website. Importantly, since businesses have seasons, the platform must be able to handle peak traffics without slowing the loading speed or crashing. If you fail to consider this aspect, making sales during peak seasons will be a desirous dream in your business lifetime.

Payment options

Unless you are offering free products, payment processing is an essential affair. Your sales will rely on the ease of your customers to process orders and pay for them. This means that your site must offer payment options that are convenient for your target customers. Hence, you need to consider the payment options available in your e-commerce platform of choice before lounging your online store on it.

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